By being part of Soccer Aid for UNICEF you are joining one big team – united by play, so that children everywhere can play. Just like children should.

The below films show some of the vital work that UNICEF is doing around the world thanks to donations to Soccer Aid.

What is UNICEF with David Harewood

On the 10th Soccer Aid for UNICEF match, this film is an overview of the issues that affect children across the globe and the work that UNICEF continues to do to support them. Over the past 75 years UNICEF has supported children living through war and emergencies, been a part of eradicating smallpox, the fight against malaria and Ebola, and right now it’s COVID-19 with the largest roll out of vaccines in history.

Alesha Dixon introduces us to Badsha

One of the impacts of the Coronavirus is that more children in Bangladesh have been forced to live and work on the streets. This film tells the story of Badsha, who lives on the streets, and shows how UNICEF set-up emergency shelters to make sure that children like him have somewhere safe to eat, learn, play and sleep.

Olivia Colman introduces Aseel

Seven years of conflict in Yemen has torn the country apart and they are experiencing some of the highest malnutrition rates in the world. This film is about a family who have seen the worst of this terrible condition. We must act now to protect Yemen’s children from the dangers of war, disease and hunger.

Martin Compston ‘This is the power of your donations’

On May 22nd a volcano erupted next to the densely populated city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. People had to flee their homes and in the panic thousands of children became separated from their families. UNICEF is supporting a programme which takes children in and begins the process of finding and reuniting them with their families. This film is the story of a brother and sister who haven’t seen their mum in over 2 months.

Olly Murs takes us back to Kenya

Olly Murs has been involved with Soccer Aid for UNICEF for over a decade now. 3 years ago he had the opportunity to visit UNICEFs programmes in Kenya to see for himself why this game of football is so important. This film is about the children and young people across the world who have had their lives transformed through the power of sport.

David Beckham’s UNICEF legacy

Football and UNICEF have always been a great team and one that David Beckham is proud to be part of. This film is about David Beckham’s memories and reflections during his 16 years as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and highlights the important work UNICEF does across the world.

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