By being part of Soccer Aid for UNICEF you are joining one big team – united by a goal to help protect play for children everywhere so they can grow up happy, healthy, and ready to take on the world. 

These films show some of the vital work that UNICEF is doing around the world thanks to donations to Soccer Aid for UNICEF.

Your support for Soccer Aid for UNICEF can help children everywhere have happy, healthy childhoods. This is why we play.

There’s nothing quite like Soccer Aid for UNICEF. Entertaining? Yes. Competitive to the highest level? Absolutely. But as our opening film explains, this star-studded game is so much more. It brings the nation together to unleash the power of play for every child, so they can get the best possible start in life.  

Tom Grennan visits Cambodia and learns how UNICEF-supported safe spaces are helping children like Theara.

Tom travelled to Cambodia’s busy capital, Phnom Penh, and met children there who live dangerously close to a busy railway line. He visited a UNICEF-supported space to see how your donations can help children like 14-year-old Theara have somewhere safe to play and learn.

Children are always the worst affected by war. Introduced by Tom Hiddleston and in their own words Alma, Nazar, Kinda and others tell us what it is like to live through conflict.

Right now, one in five children around the world is affected by conflict. UNICEF wants to help them all, providing support and care when it is needed most. We couldn’t begin to do this without your support.

Martin Compston hears how at a learning hub in Dhaka children are supported to find a way out of child labour

In the heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Martin met 13-year-old Alamin, who has been working in a factory since he was eight, earning money to support his family. UNICEF works with families, communities and trusted partners to help make sure it doesn’t always have to be this way for children like Alamin.  

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Feza and her son Espoir have had devastating experience of Cholera. Cush Jumbo introduces their story

Feza’s husband very sadly died from Cholera. But her quick action saved her young son Espoir’s life when he began to show symptoms. When it comes to cholera, prevention is essential. The money raised through Soccer Aid for UNICEF can help tackle diseases head-on, so children can grow up happy, healthy, and able to play.  

One of the root causes of child malnutrition in Madagascar is climate change, as Oti Mabuse explains.

Valerie and her two-year-old brother Fagnampe live in a village in southern Madagascar. Like many children there, Fagnampe is ill with malnutrition, and is getting treatment. Alongside partners, UNICEF is finding new ways to prevent children from becoming malnourished, as the effects of climate change become increasingly severe. 

Jill Scott travels to Romania to meet families there who were forced to flee their homes in Ukraine when the war began.

Jill hears from mothers, such as Halyna. Her family fled to Romania with three children and no plans, in a car packed with eight people and no room for their belongings. Jill visited UNICEF-supported centres, where families like Halyna’s have been given shelter and found a sense of safety and normality.

Help UNICEF protect play for every child.

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