The Great Big
Soccer Aid Challenge

Fundraise and make triple the difference. Will you take on the challenge?

What is The Great Big Soccer Aid Challenge?

To celebrate Soccer Aid, we’re asking YOU to take on The Great Big Soccer Aid Challenge this September. There are no rules –simply fundraise whatever you can, in whatever way you like.

Coronavirus has closed schools, stopped children getting vital vaccines, and is making lives in disaster zones tougher than ever. But together, we can help vulnerable children and families stay safe so that they can grow up happy, healthy, and able to play.

Thanks to the UK government and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, for tripling donations, up to £3 million.

How do I get involved?

You don’t have to be the next Eric Cantona, Kelly Smith or Usain Bolt to take on a challenge –it’s just about having a laugh and raising some life-saving cash for children!

Get started in three simple steps:

1. Choose your challenge.

2. Set up your JustGiving page and ask friends & family to sponsor you.

3. Take on your challenge!

Don’t forget to celebrate your success by sharing your photos and videos using #SoccerAidChallenge, and tag Unicef UK! And be sure to follow government guidelines on how to stay safe.

How your Challenge will help

Children around the world have their lives disrupted every day by violence, hunger, disease, conflict and disaster. Now, coronavirus has led to the biggest global crisis for vulnerable children and families since the Second World War. A whole generation of children are in danger.

But you can help Unicef keep children safe, no matter where they are.  You can provide clean water for children and vulnerable families to drink and wash their hands with. You can keep vital education, health, and vaccination services running.

Whatever you raise for The Great Big Soccer Aid Challenge, you can help support an entire generation affected by coronavirus. We work with governments worldwide and with the World Health Organization to ease the pain of this pandemic.

Thanks to the UK government and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, for tripling donations, up to £3 million.

Your fundraising will go to support Unicef’s work around the world.

Humphrey's Story

8-year old Humphrey wanted to raise as much money as he could for children all over the world. His whole community got behind him for his kickabout, and he raised a whopping £1,300!

“I raised money by doing my own kickabout and I gave everyone a medal. I want to do it again next year as it was so much fun seeing kids getting together to help children who have nothing.”

Will you take on the challenge?