The playground challenge

Given the difficulties which schools, teachers and pupils are currently facing, we’ve decided to postpone our plans for the 2021 Playground Challenge. If you’re still up for the challenge, we hope to be able to provide you with some great ways to fundraise in the coming months, whether it be at home, school or in your local park.

We hope you and your pupils are keeping well and thank you for doing such an incredible job in such difficult circumstances.

Kem Cetinay takes on the Playground Challenge at his old school.


Kem Cetinay visits his old school to take part in a playground challenge.

"The kids absolutely loved it"

Pupils at the Regis School in Bognor Regis take the Soccer Aid for Unicef Playground Challenge. Photo: Unicef/Dawe

"We smashed our fundraising goal!"

School children run around outside with Soccer Aid branded footballs. Photo: Unicef/Dawe

"We organised a whole Soccer Aid for Unicef week!"

Bringing the power of play to children around the world

Graphic icon to represent play

We reached 1.3million children in the UK.

“The kids absolutely loved it”

“It is such a fantastic opportunity for us to get our pupils outside, have a run around, and remind us all how important it is for children to be able to play.

The kids absolutely loved it and, as a member of staff, I loved seeing our students engaged in something meaningful.

We are so proud they could be involved in raising money for children all over the world.”

Makayla Monks, Langtons Junior Academy

Kem Cetinay visits his old school to take part in a playground challenge.

Langtons Junior Academy take on their Challenge in June 2019.

Any questions?

We’d love to hear from you over email at or call us on 0300 330 5580.  We will make sure we contact you as soon as we have more information about 2021.