Soccer Aid for Unicef
Play for Every Child

Soccer Aid for Unicef is the world’s biggest charity football match

The nation’s favourite celebrities and legendary footballers are back on Saturday 6 June to play each other and raise money for children around the world who rarely get the chance to play. It’s exciting, it’s unique and it’s completely unmissable!

But of course, Soccer Aid for Unicef isn’t just about the celebrities and footballing greats on the pitch. It’s also about you. Whether you buy tickets for the match, watch it live and donate, take part in our schools Playground Challenge or grab a ball and have a kickabout for the cause, you’ll help to give children back a crucial piece of their childhood – play.

Boys playing football at a UNICEF-supported school in Jordan.

The power of play

Childhood play is the stuff memories are made of. It’s the joy of a carefree childhood. A living room scattered with toys. A cry of ‘can we have our ball back please?’ It’s the type of childhood every child should have. But around the world, disease, conflict, hunger and poverty are disrupting play for millions of kids.

Soccer Aid for Unicef works with partners to provide vaccines and clean water so that children can grow up happy, healthy and able to play. We support the safe spaces and the games and toys they need to play. We help protect children from violence and in times of crisis so that they can enjoy the carefree childhoods they are entitled to. And we do so much more to allow kids to simply be kids.

So if you believe in play-filled childhoods, join Soccer Aid for Unicef. We’re all one big team and we’re coming together to play for every child.

With your help, even more children can have a chance to play