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Munda’s story, Sierra Leone –fronted by Nina Sosanya

The story of Munda, who we first met for Soccer Aid for Unicef in 2018 when Keeley Hawes went to visit. Munda was a young boy who risked his life every day by diving to the bottom of a river to collect sand for construction work when all he really wanted was to go school and learn to be a mechanic.

Earlier this year, we went back to visit Munda two years on, and Nina explains he is no longer diving for sand. Thanks to Unicef’s support, he is now at school and learning to be a mechanic–his dream job.


Adamsay’s story, Sierra Leone –fronted by David Harewood

In 2019, David travelled to Sierra Leone to see how vaccinations can save children’s lives. He meets Admasay, a young mother who was eight months pregnant. Her firstborn daughter died from measles when she was six months old. David learns that Admasay had been unable to get her daughter vaccinated because the local health clinic did not have a cold store to stock enough vaccinations.

The film cuts to February 2020, and David reveals that Adamsay has since given birth to a healthy baby daughter called Monica, who has received all her routine vaccinations thanks to the support and help of Unicef.

Nestor’s Story, Bradley & Barney Walsh in Madagascar

Bradley and Barney Walsh travel to an extremely remote part of Madagascar where more than half the population of Madagascar lacks access to clean water. They see for themselves how drought dirty water is putting children’s lives at risk from diseases such as diarrhea, one of the biggest killers for children under five. Bradley and Barney then explain that Unicef has a big solution for a big problem.

In Madagascar, Unicef is helping construct a massive 180km solar-powered pipeline that will bring millions of gallons of fresh clean drinking water to families living in hundreds of villages across an entire district, and how just £30 can give a whole family access to safe, clean drinking water.


George’s story, Philippines –fronted by Jade Thirlwall

Jade begins by telling us how much she missed her family during lockdown –but that there are children who never get to see their family at all. This film tells the story of 9-year-old George who became separated from his family in 2013 after a category 5 typhoon.

He is forced to survive on the streets where he begs for food and is in real danger. However, Unicef is supporting a Youth Hub, a safe place for George and his friends to go to play, be children, and get the vital support they need.

Soccer Aid for Unicef legacy film – featuring Robbie Williams

Robbie discusses how 2020 has changed all our lives forever and it’s really important to use this moment in history to do something good. Robbie founded Soccer Aid for Unicef 14 years ago and explains has seen with his own eyes how the public’s generous donations transform the lives of children across the world. With the coronavirus being the biggest global pandemic since WWII the importance of helping children around the world is greater than ever.

Pramesh’s story, Nepal –featuring James Nesbitt

Back in 2019, James Nesbit travelled to Nepal. Jimmy sees how the huge 2015 earthquake changed lives forever. Jimmy explains that sometimes when you watch a film like this, you almost have to remind yourself that it’s not made up, it’s real. These are real emergencies, real lives, real people, real children, who have faced very real trauma.

One of those children is Pramesh, whose mum was pregnant with him when the earthquake killed his Dad and grandparents. Unicef is supporting children like Pramesh all over the world, by providing them with the shelter, equipment, and school supplies they need to get an education and simply be children.

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