Re-watch our 2019 appeal films

Olivia Colman and David Beckham, Tacloban, Phillippines

David Beckham met Venus back in 2013 after her city, Tacloban in the Philippines, was struck by a superstorm. Much of the city was destroyed and Venus tragically lost her sister.

Thanks to a Soccer Aid for Unicef funded temporary school Venus was able to continue her education after the disaster. 5 years on she has a bright future ahead of her.

Rita Ora, Kosovo

Rita Ora visited her birthplace of Kosovo to see how Unicef is funding local nurses to go door to door to provide healthcare and support to children who are living in poverty. The money Soccer Aid for Unicef raises helps us to give families all around the world a helping hand, giving children the best possible start in life.

Sanjeev Bashkar, Malawi

Sanjeev Bashkar visits Malawi and visits ‘Children’s Corners’. These are places where children in difficult situations can go to learn, play and just be kids.

Gemma Chan, Kingston, Jamaica

Gemma Chan visits Kingston, Jamaica to see how Unicef is using sport to help protect children from getting involved in crime and violence. They are able to play, do activities and access counselling about any issues they are facing.

David Harewood, Sierra Leone

David Harewood travels to Sierra Leone to see how money raised by Soccer Aid for Unicef and UK Aid is saving children’s lives. The hospital has received intensive care units for premature babies allowing them to take greater care of newborns.

James Nesbitt, Kathmandu, Nepal

James Nesbitt visits Kathmandu in Nepal where Unicef is helping to support children and families after a massive earthquake in 2015. Unicef built temporary schools so that children could continue their education and have a place to be safe and play.

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